Fundraising campaign for Calabria backed by football star

AC Milan legend Daniele Massaro

TURIN - The #iononASPetto fundraising campaign for hospital facilities in Calabria under supplied with ventilators, test kits, and medical units, has already raised over 50,000 euros, after having been started by Be2Be, an Italian marketing agency based in Turin. All funds raised will be donated directly through Reggio Calabria ASP, the regional health department.

  "We have a minimum target of 250 thousand euros to be reached as soon as possible. In these hours we are contacting all the local business realities and the Calabrians in the world to request their support," explained Daniele Laface, CEO of Be2Be.

  The fundraising has the support of the association Don Silvio Mesiti’s Voluntary Organization ‘Presenza Calabria’ which has long been involved with voluntary projects that help the local community. "With Don Silvio we have set specific goals for a campaign that will guarantee total transparency and high guarantees regarding the donation of all the funds raised," said Mr. Laface.

  All the funds raised will be donated to Reggio Calabria ASP, the health department for the region. The campaign already has the support of footballer Daniele Massaro and the actor Cristiano Caccamo.

  “We have received and are currently receiving more and more availability from notable people from the entertainment industry to spread of the #iononASPetto campaign,” said Mr. Laface.

  The #iononASPetto go-fund-me page can be found here.