Sicilian officials outraged by 'exodus' from Calabria


MESSINA – Photographic evidence of hundreds of cars passing over the Strait of Messina, travelling from Calabria to Sicily and indicating that travel restrictions were being ignored, sparked online fury and was labelled “a significant and dangerous influx” by the secretary general of the Organization of Autonomous and Grassroots Unions (ORSA). However, the company that manages the transit has said that 551 passengers left from Villa San Giovanni to Sicily on Saturday, which indicated a drop compared to 739 from Friday, and from 923 on Thursday, as reported in La Repubblica.

  Although the situation seems to have remained under control, the photos on Sunday evening of what appeared to be a mass landing from Calabria, prompted a response from the Mayor of Messina, Cateno De Luca, who stated via Facebook that he was preparing to warn the national government and gave them an ultimatum for evidence and feedback.

  "I don't allow anyone to play with the patience of Sicilians. At the cost of being arrested for the umpteenth time, I will not allow more shameful exoduses," De Luca stated.

  In a press release, the secretary general of ‘UIltrasporti Messina’, Michele Barresi, has said that he has no doubt that the law enforcement were making every effort, although travel to the island by ship and train remained a significant health risk, as reported in messinaoggi.

  The regional deputy from Messina, Franco De Domenico, has said that "first of all, without wanting to minimize the strength of the images, it is necessary to keep in mind that the number of trips is very small, that ships do not travel at night, and that there are many commuter workers who, for precautionary reasons, are crossing by car,” as reported in Palermo24.