Intesa Sanpaolo donates 100 million euros to fight virus

CEO Intesa Sanpaolo, Carlo Messina

MILAN – Intesa Sanpaolo has pledged 100 million euros to support the healthcare emergency in collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. "Italy has found itself facing an unprecedented health emergency and must rapidly and significantly strengthen medical facilities. This is the goal to which Intesa Sanpaolo wants to contribute with the donation,” read Intesa’s press statement on Friday.

  Intesa voiced its continued support for the doctors and healthcare professionals who reacted with internationally acclaimed behaviour, and will take the coronavirus crisis as a challenge to bring out the best of Italy.

  “I am convinced that, once this emergency is overcome, Italy will be able to start again with new energy and greater awareness of the role it can play on a global level," commented Carlo Messina, Intesa Sanpaolo CEO.

  The contribution will be used primarily for the structural strengthening of the national health service, in particular with the aim of contributing to the increase of 2,500 new ICU beds.

  The contribution will also be used to increase in sub-intensive care places, resource medical materials, and prepare for the building of new permanent and temporary medical structures.

  Each payment will be made directly to a Civil Protection current account dedicated exclusively to the collection and use of Intesa Sanpaolo's donations, with the Extraordinary Commissioner and the Department of Civil Protection providing updates.