Famous sculptures showcased in Milan

PHOTO CREDIT: Gianfranco Nitti

MILAN - Famous sculptures are revealed as part of the ‘Canova & Thorvaldsen exhibition – the birth of modern sculpture’, in the Gallery on Piazza della Scala, which runs until March 15, 2020.

  On display are figures of ancient mythology which, like Cupid and Psyche, Venus and Hebe, represent the western collective imagination and embody the great universal themes of life such as the short journey of youth, the enchantment of beauty and the flattery and disappointments of love. As well as showcasing the beauty of these pieces, the exhibition explains the scientific importance of sculpture in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

  During this period, sculpture underwent a decisive transformation thanks to the genius of two famous architects, the Italian Antonio Canova, and the Dane Bertel Thorvaldsen. Canova moved to Rome in 1781 from Venice, while the younger Thorvaldsen joined him from Copenhagen in 1797.

   In the following two decades, their presence made Rome the capital of modern sculpture. They were rivals, and challenged each other on the same motifs and subjects, each contributing to the arts with their own original interpretation. Both have been recognized and celebrated as having transformed the very idea of ​​sculpture and its technique, and for having created immortal masterpieces that have been reproduced all over the world.

  This exhibition was made possible through collaboration with the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen and the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as the contribution of loans from Italian museums. For the first time, through this exhibition, it has been made possible to compare the two artists, and follow their fascinating biographical and creative journey.