Violence against women "an emergency"

A protest against violence against women in Rome, photo credit Corriere di Roma

 ROME – President of Italy Sergio Mattarella labelled violence against women a “public emergency” on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Monday.

 A recent report from ISTAT on gender roles in Italy lists concerning statistics, for example 23.9 per cent of Italians think that women can provoke sexual violence by their way of dressing.

 “We have passed laws, unblocked funds… violence against women remains an emergency.  We are working for a cultural change, starting with young people,” prime minister Giuseppe Conte said on Twitter.

 "Violence against women is a cultural issue: one must change one’s attitude, change the cultural narrative, give a precise name to things: a man does not kill a woman out of love, it is no longer acceptable even if it is said," said Elena Bonetti, Minister for equal opportunities and family.

 On Saturday, a protest in Rome against violence against women and unequal pay drew over 10,000 people according to police figures.