Raggi bid to send Rome rubbish to Civitavecchia

photo credit: La Repubblica Rome

 ROME – Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi’s latest attempt to deal with the Eternal City’s ongoing rubbish crisis is by transporting waste to Civitavecchia, sparking resistance from the town's own mayor, local authorities report.

 The Colleferro tip being recently closed, Raggi signed an order Monday to force Civitavecchia to take Rome’s refuse, Il Messaggero reported. 

 The move would transport 1,000 tons of rubbish per day from Rome to Civitavecchia’s rubbish tip, which is already used by Ama for some unsorted waste, La Stampa said.  Rome’s authorities have said it would be only for the necessary time until Colleferro is running again.

 The order has been met with resistance from Civitavecchia.  “We are not going to become Rome’s dustbin,” Civitavecchia mayor Ernesto Tedesco said, La Stampa reported.