WFP brings aid to Yemeni civilians trapped on frontline

House destroyed by airstrikes, Sana'a. Photo credit: OCHA/Charlotte Cans

 SANA’A – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has finally managed to reach families trapped in Durayhimi City, Yemen, with much-needed humanitarian assistance.

 This is only the second time in over a year that the WFP has been able to reach the town, where only about 200 civilians remain.  These people are very vulnerable to the conflict going on around them and are also experiencing food shortages.  There are no functioning health facilities.

 The WFP and partner UN agencies distributed a three-month supply of food, as well as nutrition supplements, water, medicine, and hygiene kits.

 WFP Yemen Deputy Country Director Ally-Raza Qureshi, who led the operation, described the arrival of the WFP in the city:

“When we arrived in Durayhimi City, many people were angry that it had taken us so long to get to there and those cries quickly turned to pleas for help.”

 He continued: “I agree with them - it’s totally unacceptable that these civilians lack safe passage out and that the humanitarian community finds it so difficult to reach them with relief supplies.”

 The WFP is asking all parties involved in the fighting to ensure safe passages for civilians to enter and exit the city, saying that “Families must be able to come and go freely so they can access medical care, reach markets and regain a semblance of normal life.”

  The Yemen war is taking a terrible cost on civilians, with over 20 million left hungry and half facing acute food shortages of food.  The WFP’s largest programme worldwide consists of providing 12 million Yemenis in most need with monthly food assistance.