Anniversary marked of Roman Jews' round-up

Commemoration. Photo credit: FNSI

 ROME – An Italian National Press Federation delegation visited the Rome ghetto Wednesday to commemorate those taken in the Nazi roundup there and to express solidarity with the Jewish Community of Rome.

 Over 1,000 Roman Jews were taken in the roundup of 16 Oct. 1943 and sent to Auschwitz.  Only 16 survived.

 In a statement, Raffaele Lorusso and Giuseppe Giulietti, general secretary and president of the press federation, said that the press presence was not only in tribute but also as

 “a commitment to heed the appeal launched a few days ago by the president of the Jewish Community, Ruth Dureghello, to daily contrast the language of violence and hatred towards every difference and diversity that is the premise of the extermination actions. It will be a commitment of the FNSI to promote everywhere a real action to contrast the language of hatred and violent words, which are in stark contrast to the founding principles of the journalistic profession and of the Italian Constitution.”