EY Capri Digital Summit focusses on skills and sustainability

EY digital summit at Capri. Photo credit: EY Italia/Twitter

 CAPRI – The EY Capri Digital Summit 2019 was characterised by the message that while technology and innovation are of increasing importance, to guarantee environmental and social stability attention to people and skills remain important.

 The CEO of EY Italia, Donato Iacovone, stressed the importance of practical training to increase the links between school and work, and equip young people with the right skills.

 “Strengthening the dialogue between these two worlds is crucial for our country,” he said.

 He also emphasised the importance of community, community and openness, in the face of inward-looking companies that focus only on business.

 A sense of heart and community, he said, was essential to ensuring sustainability, including social sustainability.

 As he highlighted, 2019 (the twelfth EY Digital Summit) was the first at which the sustainability of business models had been discussed.

 The conference took place in Capri from 4 to 6 Oct., and was attended by start-ups, technology companies and experts, representatives of institutions, such as Minister of Innovation Paola Pisano, and figures ranging from 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus to virologist Ilaria Capua.

 The conference shed light on how quickly the world of work is changing, and how workers may adapt.  The recent SWG survey for EY found that 63 per cent of company workers think that in the next 10 years, most employees will do jobs that at the current time do not exist and are not yet codified.

 The importance of updating skills for such a fast-changing world is recognised as important: 80 per cent of workers and 97 per cent of top managers believe that the ability to learn constantly is a fundamental requirement for today’s workplace.  Yet 69 per cent of workers surveyed said that the current school and university courses are not suited to overcome the gap between the skills needed and those available.