Argentinian rescues child in balcony fall

Angel Micael Vargas Fernandez (photo credit: Il Fatto Quotidiano)

 LODI – A child of four fell from a second-floor balcony but was caught by a 20-year-old.

 Angel Micael Vargas Fernandez saw the child clinging to the outside of the balcony, screaming in terror.  He moved a Mercedes van under the balcony, in order to climb onto it to reach the child. 

 The child fell before Vargas Fernandez could reach him, so he jumped from the van to catch the child, protecting him as they fell.

 The 20-year-old was injured by the impact of the fall, although the child is in a condition judged not to be serious.

 Investigations by the public prosecutor have begun, as it has emerged that the child had been left alone in the house at the time of the fall, reports Il Fatto Quotidiano.