"Fluffy Apocalypse" hits Rome

Photo by Pizio

ROME -- The seventh Roman Pillow Fight will be held in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome on Sunday April. 15 at 6pm.

 The event, dubbed the "Fluffy Apocalypse" ("L'Apocalisse Soffice"), attracts hundreds of Romans every year.

 To participate, all you need to do is bring your own pillow (the shape, colour and texture of your own choosing) and - if you so wish - a pair of pyjamas.

 However, even pillow fighting has rules. It is forbidden to hit anyone without a pillow or a person who begs you pathetically not to. Pillows with blunt instruments are strictly forbidden and anyone caught playing violently will be excluded. Revelers are encouraged to bring a plastic bag to pick up the feathers that will inevitably litter the Piazza.

 The Roman Pillow Fight is an offshoot of the "Urban Playground Movement", an international phenomenon which aims to turn public places into "urban living rooms."

 For more information visit the Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/romanpillowfight or the international Pillow Fighting website: http://www.pillowfightday.com