Two million dollars' worth of jewellery stolen in Capri


 NAPLES – A top Chinese model has had two and a half million dollars’ worth of jewellery stolen while a wedding guest in Capri.

 The young woman had travelled to Capri for the wedding of Jacky Heung, an actor from Hong Kong, and her close friend Bea Hayden, a Taiwanese model and actress.  She was carrying about ten pieces of jewellery, worth two and a half million dollars, in a beauty case.  Il Fatto Quotidiano magazine reports that the jewels do not appear to have been insured.

 It is not clear if the jewellery could have disappeared whilst she was travelling.  She arrived in Naples on a private jet.  She was then taken in a luxury car, rented from the organisation run by the bride’s mother, to a motorboat to Capri where she handed over her luggage to the staff.

 If the jewels were stolen, they would have been taken the following evening, reports Il Messaggero, when the wedding ceremony and a party were held.

 Following the ceremony, a the luxury yacht Saluzi, where at dawn the model realised that the jewellery had gone.

 She immediately began searching, to no result.

 Accompanied by an interpreter and a friend, she went to the carabinieri, who turned the yacht upside down with a specialist team but again found nothing.