After sex scandal, FAO seeks new HR honcho

Uncivil servant? Fernando Servan

 ROME – The Food and Agriculture Organization advertised Monday for a new Human Resources director following the dismissal this month by the new Chinese management of HR supremo Fernando Servan in one of the highest level ‘Me too,’ scandals to rock the United Nations.

The D’2 position has been advertised on the FAO Webpage and the closing date for applications is Sept. 20. Whoever makes the short list is likely to undergo deep background checks to avoid a repeat of the embarrassment in senior UN circles after the Italian Insider disclosed the unsavory activities of the long-haired Peruvian executive whose penchant for the casting couch was an open secret at the Rome-based agency for years to which Brazilian Director general José Graziano da Silva turned a blind eye for years rather than betray a member of his latin American clique at the troubled UN agency.

Following the rapid dismissal of Servan, other senior executives who were promoted beyond their competency by Graziano are shaking in their shoes lest they are next on the ‘hit list’ drawn up by Qu Dongyu, the new Chinese DG, FAO sources say.

 Servan’s meteoric rise to influence was only one of many questionable appointments by the Brazilian caudillo including the hiring of Servan’s countrywoman, former first lady Nadine Heredia, to head the FAO liason office in Geneva while she was under investigation for alleged moneylaundering of millions of dollars sent to Peru by Oderbrachtr at the behest of the Brazilian PT party, a minister of which Graziano had been when Ignacio Lula da Silva was president.