Leonardo strikes 30 million euro deal in Brazil

AW109 Trekker. Photo credit: Leonardo

ROME - Technology company Leonardo announced the sale of five helicopters valued at nearly 30 million euros while at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (LABACE), held August 13-15 in São Paulo, Brazil.

 Three AW109 Trekker light twins, one AW109 GrandNew and one AW169 intermediate twins will join other 170 Leonardo helicopters flying in Brazil and over 220 units in South America, expanding the 40% market share that global leader Leonardo enjoys in the in the VIP multiengine segment.

 The company has also sold three more AW109 Trekker units – two through ICON, the official distributor of Leonardo’s AW109 Trekker in Brazil, and one to a private regional operator – and an AW109 GrandNew unit to another private regional operator.

 In addition to the popularity of AW109 models, the Brazilian market has also embraced the new generation of AW169s.

 According to Leonardo, the country is adding one copy, upping the total AW169 VIP fleet to five by the end of 2019, which will join other eight units in service across the Americas by then for VIP and EMS roles.

 Leonardo has over 200 AW169s flying worldwide.