Salvini calls for three ministerial scalps

 ROME – In the wake of the Senate’s rejection of the Five Star Movement’s no-TAV motion, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is calling for the scalps of three ministers or he will dissolve the government, political sources said on Thursday.

 Meeting with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Wednesday evening, Mr Salvini has issued an ultimatum; three ministers must go – Giovanni Tria (Economy and Finance), Danilo Toninelli (Infrastructure and Transport) and Elisabetta Trenta (Defence) – or we return to the polling booths as soon as possible, La Repubblica reports.

 “For me enough is enough. Either the government turns the page or we end it here,” Mr Salvini said.

  The League voted unanimously against the no-TAV motion, while the Five Star Movement was left alone in the trenches to defend their stance, aiming not to betray their own electorate and the party’s co-founder Beppe Grillo, who has described the Turin-Lyon rail link as “a crime against humanity.” 

 Observers say the League has notched up yet another victory against its coalition ally and now Mr Salvini is ready to cash in at the polls.