Raggi offers ATAC tickets for plastic bottles

ATAC president Paolo Simioni and Mayor Raggi (credit: La Repubblica)

ROME – Passengers in the Eternal city will receive an ATAC ticket for every 30 recycled plastic bottles they bring to special machines installed on a year long trial, part of a new scheme introduced by mayor Virginia Raggi.

 Machines have been installed at Cypro metro stop on line A, Piramide on B and San Giovanni on line A and C. They collect plastic bottles and give five cents in credit through the My Cicero and TabNet apps.

 “We can say we are the first major European capital to present this innovation,’ said Raggi in presenting the initiative. “A machine that eats plastic bottle and issues a credit with which to buy bus tickets. The circular economy is easy to do.”

 Councillor Linda Meleo called the scheme “a fun way to contribute to waste disposal and to incentivise the use of public transport.”