Swiss, Costa Rican diplomats ‘swizzle’ Insider on subs

Swiss Embassy to FAO

 ROME --  Diplomats from Costa RIca, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania and China are among envoys who have failed to upgrade their subscriptions to Italian Insider’s modest diplomatic subscription rate despite repeated requests to pay the correct fee, the newspaper's subscription department says.

 Romanian emissary Vlad Mustaciosu from Bucharest’s embassy to the FAO and Shen Hong, a second secretary in the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs, are among those who have ignored requests to pay the correct rate while the UK emissary to the FAO’s subscription is due for renewal at the correct rate after enjoying a year’s subscription as a private individual rather than the diplomatic rate.

 Bruce Campbell at the Swiss Embassy to the U.N. agencies, howled in protest when asked to pay the correct amount, reinforcing a national stereotype for alleged spendthrift tendencies despite not enjoying a typically Swiss name. 

 Belgium’s ambassador to the FAO also has failed to respond to repeated requests to renew at the correct rate.

A number of diplomats and Embassies in the Eternal City are turning a deaf ear to requests to pay the Italian Insider diplomatic subscription rate while others have paid the correct amount for access to specialized articles on the UN Food agencies and other exclusive material on the digital newspaper, Insider sources say.

 Embassies and international organisations that have promptly paid the correct amount for their Insider subscriptions include WFP, IFAD, the World Farmers’ Organisation and the Embassies of the United States, France, Georgia, Kuwait, Panama and South Africa.

  Embassies whose ambassadors or diplomats have signed up as non-diplomatic subscribers at a minimal rate are urged to upgrade to the correct amount of just 175,00 per annum as per the price list posted on the home page of the Insider digital newspaper at the following link

 Italian Insider, struggling to survive in the wake of a harsh sentence handed down by the Rome Tribunal in July for 'besmirching the image of the FAO,' reserves the right to publish the identities of the ambassadors and embassies not paying the correct rate.