Wild weather hits Adriatic coast, 18 people injured

Wild weather has hit the Adriatic coast, forcing locals and tourists on Tortoreto Lido beach, in the province of Teramo in Abruzzo, to run for cover dodging flying umbrellas and other objects. In Ancona 30mm of water fell in a short time with the temperature dropping to 19 degrees. While bad weather in the Marches has caused road accidents and the roadside to be littered with fallen trees.

 On the coast of Pescara, hailstones reportedly the size of oranges have so far seen 18 people admitted to emergency with bruises and wounds, including a pregnant woman with wounds to the head and face, reports ANSA.

 In the Adriatic capital the phenomena has caused substantial damage to cars: windscreens and glass have been shattered and roofs damaged. There are numerous road disruptions. Cars on the highway leading from Teramo to the sea are at a standstill due to poor visibility. 

 At Pescara’s hospital, water has entered the ground floor, forcing the closure of operating theatres. The basements are completely flooded. In the employee car park, the water level reached two metres, destroying dozens of cars. 

 Italy is increasingly exposed to extreme weather events because it lacks the ‘protection’ that was once given by the Azores anticyclone.

 “Once these phenomena occurred only after August 15thbecause the anticyclone protected us from the disturbed currents,” Antonello Pasini, Physicist Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council) said. “Now the circulation has changed, warmer anticyclones are arriving like the Libyan one, so not only are there more heat waves, but also more extreme events.”