‘Fake’ migrant charities exposed, 11 arrests

MILAN - A police probe exposing four ‘fake’ non-profit organisations involved in the reception of migrants, has netted 11 arrests and uncovered illegal profits of up to seven million euros, police sources said on Tuesday.
 In an investigation dubbed ‘Fake Onlus’ aimed at exposing phony non-profit organisations, the Finance Police of Lodi, in the south of Milan, have served 11 precautionary custody orders for criminal conspiracy, fraud against the State and money laundering. At the centre of these fraudulent organisations is illegal financial management allegedly collecting illicit profits amounting to seven million euros.
 It is believed the suspects, one of whom is in jail, five under house arrest and five with mandatory residence orders, kept more than 4.5 of the 7 million euros gained illegally, for personal use.
 The sham organisations would have used false documents to take part in public tenders for the management of the reception of hundreds of migrants and participated in calls for tender from the prefectures of Lodi, Parma and Pavia, police said.