Italian Navy rescues 100 migrants from dinghy

Photo credit: Il Fatto Quotidiano

ROME - The Italian Navy were forced to rescue a migrant dinghy stranded off the Libyan coast despite the nation’s strict closed port policy as severe weather warnings were issued, authorities have said.

 The boat was left stranded without an engine and the circa 100 migrants aboard found themselves at serious risk. While initial NGO reports seemed to suggest that a five-year-old girl died aboard the dinghy in the early hours of Wednesday morning on account of the conditions, reports from the Italian Navy confirmed that no one abord the vessel had lost their life. 

 There were 17 women and 23 minors on board. Their health conditions were being monitored by the Italian Navy. 

 Alarm Phone, an independent support group for people crossing the Mediterranean Sea to the EU, tweeted after news of the situaiton of the migrants became apparent: “Those aboard are in great danger. There is no rescue effort in sight even though they can see a helicopter.”

 They later added that an Italian Navy ship could be made out on the horizon, urging the vessel to arrive as soon as possible. RescueMed were quick to echo the call to action.

 The Italian Cigala Fulgosi ship is currently embarking all those stranded to avoid further casualties and ensure all those aboard the dinghy are safe before the weather takes a turn for the worse.