Emilia Romagna battered by extreme weather

The Savio dramatically burst its banks this week. Photo credit: Che News

MODENA - Severe weather warnings have been issued in Emilia-Romagna after heavy precipitation and high winds caused the Savio river to burst its banks, leading to widespread flooding.

 Local fire brigade units have been called into action across the region to rescue people who remain trapped in their homes. Two such individuals, one of which disabled, were saved Tuesday morning after extreme weather left them unable to escape.

 The Secchia and Panaro rivers near Modena have also flooded, putting drainage systems in the area under strain.   

 The severe weather has brought some parts of the region to its knees, closing bridges and interrupting local train and bus services. Many schools in the area have also been closed.

 Italy has this week been hit by violent bad weather. Large parts of the nation experienced heavy rain, high winds, hail and even snow. Tuscany and Liguria have today also been issued weather warnings.