Proof of Berlusconi hush money uncovered in Switzerland

Karima El Mahroug, aka Ruby Rubacuori. Image: Il Fatto Quotidiano

MILAN – Investigators considering whether Silvio Berlusconi bribed witnesses in his notorious sex trial have found proof of hush money which went indirectly to Ruby 'Rubacuori', or Ruby Heartstealer. 

 The inquiry formally requested evidence from Switzerland. It unearthed payments which went from Berlusconi via a Swiss bank to Luca Risso, the ex-partner of Ruby, who now lives in Mexico.

 The new documents show three transfers, which total around 400,000 euros, from Pkb Privatbank in Lugano to Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

 Investigators also found a handwritten note from Risso, who is likewise under investigation for perverting the course of justice. He asks the director of Pkb Privatbank, Orbeto della Torre di Lavagna, to make the payment as quickly as possible.

 Berlusconi was convicted in 2010 of paying Moroccan prostitute Ruby 'Rubacuori', whose real name is Karima El Mahroug, for sexual services while she was only 17-years old at the notorious “bunga-bunga” parties in Arcore.

 The sentence on charges of sex with a minor and malfeasance in office, initially of seven years, was later overturned. Berlusconi is now being investigated on allegations that he paid off some 28 key witnesses.

 The investigation is currently on hold to allow Berlusconi to campaign in the European elections. It will restart in Milan on June 10.