Genoa to host Pro-Europe concert ahead of elections

Hope Fest will welcome pro-EU voters from across Italy in May

GENOA - Liguria’s capital is set to play host to a festival aimed at celebrating a new European culture and defeating a political culture of cynicism and distrust.

 Hope Fest, to be hosted at Porto Antico on May 19, aims to positively influence the outcome of the European elections which will be hosted the week after the event takes place. The event, which is to be attended by over 10,000 people, has expressed its desire to be a place for those who believe in a Europe that promotes equality and solidarity across the world, between present and future generations, and between humans and their planet.

 Hope Fest’s director Pietro Mensi said the event marked the launch of their ‘Hope for a more united and just Europe’ project which is the product of ideals and values shared by Italian politicans in Europe and pro-Europe Italian voters alike.

 Hope Fest is part of a campaign coordinated by WeMove.EU, a large progressive European organization aiming to inspire voters from all countries. May 19 will also see events held in Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Ljubljana, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Budapest, Bucharest, and Sofia amongst others.