Mattarella, EU will not be toppled by sovereignism

Photo credit: L'espresso

ROME - Italian president Sergio Mattarella Friday stated that “the wind of sovereignism would not threaten the existence of the European Union,” in an interview with famed French magazine ‘La Revue de Politique Internationale’.

 “There are a large number of countries that are in unprecedented positions. But I do not believe that these changes can affect the workings of the Parliament, the Commission and the European Council, and even less threaten the existence of the Union,” Mattarella declared.

 “The historical logic underlying out integration is stronger than all the controversies, all the disputes and all the deviations.”

 Mattarella spoke at length on immigration and the importance of a European wide accord to effectively tackle the issue.

 Salvini’s League, an anti-immigration party that has closed all ports to NGO migrant rescue ships, has been growing every more in popularity given its tough stance.

 Mattarella, however, was quick to affirm that “only a European solution could allow [Europe] to handle a phenomenon that threatens to shake the continent.”

 Nations must, he believes, work together to combat illegal immigration, human trafficking, and ensure that countries across the Union share the weight of mass migration equally.

 Mattarella’s words come as a timely rallying call for voters still on the fence ahead of May’s European elections.