Five schoolchildren taken to hospital after coach crash

The coach is thought to have collided with a van and a car on the A1 motorway heading out of Rome. Photo credit: Il Messaggero

ROME - A coach carrying children on a school trip has crashed on the A1 motorway on the outskirts of Rome leaving six injured, police sources have revealed.

 The bus, which was headed for Naples, is thought to have collided with a car and a van on the motorway although the reason for the crash is as of yet unknown.

 The fire brigade and police force were quick on the scene, and took the injured parties to hospital.

 Of the six left hurt by the accident, five were children although none are thought to be in a serious condition.  All are now in care and recovering from minor injuries and shock.

 The passengers were predominantly French children between the ages of 10 and 11 who were on a school trip at the time.