Italian artistic success in Montenegro

Giuseppe Tedeschi's works have been a real hit in Montenegro and headline the opening of a new exhibition in Cetinje.

CETINJE - A painting by Italian maestro Giuseppe Tedeschi entitled “It was night and it was day”, which was published in the catalogue for the new Metaformismo ©️exhibition in Montenegro and displayed among other works, was presented by the exhibition’s curator at the press conference opening of the event, broadcast live across national Montenegrin television.

 The press conference was hosted on April 3, live from the National Museum of Montenegro in Cetinje, and the exhibition’s curator Professor Giulia Sillato, a well-respected art critic and scholar as well as the founder of Metaformismo ©️, used the opportunity to announce the exhibition’s inauguration on April 5.

 Tedeschi, aside from his abstract work, has a very noteworthy background in portrait painting, previously holding official positions in the Vatican as well as in the diplomatic and aristocratic world. Tedeschi has been highly in tune with contemporary painting since he graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1981, alongside famed masters Ziveri, Avenali, and Monachesi, and has won numerous honours and awards during his 45 years in the profession.

 Tedeschi is also the official representative for Prince Nicholas Petrovich-Njegos of Montenegro, and his works consequently have taken on a very important role in the Montenegrin artistic world. 


Giuseppe Tedeschi's abstract works have won numerous awards worldwide
Giuseppe Tedeschi's works were presented at the official press launch of the exhibition by curator Giulia Sillato