Bipartisan agreement on revenge porn

ROME – Italian MPs have unanimously approved an amendment to a bill that makes ‘revenge porn’ a crime, political sources said on Tuesday.

 Anyone sharing explicit sexual images or videos without consent faces maximum penalties of six years imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros, under the measures.

 Known as Code Red (Codice Rosso), the bill aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence, was approved with 461 votes in favour and none against. 

 The result prompted applause and a standing ovation from the Democratic Party (PD) and the Forza Italia (FI) party. 

 Meanwhile, the League has withdrawn its proposal to introduce chemical castration for rapists.

 "We are aware that this amendment, at this stage, is not shared by the M5S,” League's civil service minister Giulia Bongiorno said. 

 “We have a priority, at this moment, that of making the Government move forward in a cohesive manner [with] this measure” combatting violence against women.