Orlandi family request reopening of Teutonic Cemetery

Emanuela Orlandi

VATICAN CITY – The family of Emanuela Orlandi have submitted a formal request to the Vatican secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin, appealing for the reopening of a burial recess at the Teutonic Cemetery in the hope of shedding light on the mystery of Emanuela’s disappearance in 1983.

 The letter was also addressed to the promoter of justice of the Holy See following previous reports which confirmed the hypothesis that remains of the young woman could be hidden within an ancient tomb in the cemetery. “Check a tomb at the Teutonic cemetery,” implored the family’s letter.

 Last summer a letter with a photo of the tomb attached was sent to the Orlandi family’s lawyer, Laura Sgrò. After investigations were carried out, it was “verified that some people had been informed of the possibility that the remains of Emanuela Orlandi had been hidden in the Teutonic cemetery,” Sgrò explained.

 The Orlandi family have asked for information about the history of the cemetery, with the aim of prompting further inquiries to be made that can answer their many questions that remain unresolved.

 Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee, disappeared when she was 15 years old on June 22, 1983.