M5S urges removal of squatters from CasaPound building

CasaPound building

ROME - The Five Star Movement (M5S) are pressuring the State Property Agency to formalise a complaint calling for the eviction of squatters from the Esquiline building occupied by the neo-fascist political party CasaPound Italy (CPI).

 Headed by the Ministry of Economy, and owner of the building occupied since 2003, M5S are hoping that the State Property Agency can formalise the complaint in order to get an eviction order.

 Stefano Patuanelli, the leader of the M5S in the Senate, stressed Thursday that Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has been “solicited several times” to free the building from right-wing extremists.

 "The only political group to have always had a coherent stance on the eviction of the property illegally occupied by the CasaPound party is the Five Star Movement," said Patuanelli.

 In January, a motion approved by the M5S and the Democratic Party (PD) asking for the eviction of CasaPound was accepted by the City Council. This followed Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi’s pressure on Salvini in October to have CPI evicted.

 “To clear CasaPound requires a complaint,” said the Prefect of Rome, Paola Basilone Thursday, revealing that the building has never been reported to the judicial authorities. Evicting the property by public force is therefore "not a priority" for the authorities.

 “The release order of a judge is missing, which can only be issued on the owner's complaint,” declared Basilone. Without this necessary condition, the building will not be put on the Viminale’s blacklist of “priority” evictions.

 The complaint is now with Director of the State Property Agency Riccardo Carpino.

 In fact, a complaint to the judicial authorities was already made 16 years ago, as soon as the building became occupied. However, it was addressed to the Ministry of Education and Research, which managed the building, instead of the State Property Agency which owns it to all intents and purposes.

 Due to this formal defect, in 2007 the Court proceeding hit a dead end, and has been left uncorrected since.

 Therefore, the presentation of the correct complaint, the only act that could lead a judge to issue the “release order,” was not carried out. It is for this reason that the eviction of the building a State priority.