Public support Sardinian protests over dropping milk price

(Il Fatto Quotidiano)

CAGLIARI - Thousands of people took to the streets to support Sardinian famers throughout the region, from the capital to Sassari to Ozieri, but also in England, Scotland and Germany. Many students hung white sheets from their windows or balconies as a symbol of solidarity, declaring “We are with the shepherds.”

 This action follows the ongoing protests by Sardinian farmers regarding the declining price of milk, which has dropped to 60 cents This is an issue which, much to the dissatisfaction of farmers and breeders, remains unsolved.

 A meeting between industrialists, consortiums and pastors, convened Wednesday in Cagliari, lasted for four hours and still failed to come to an agreement on the price of milk. “Breeders have not moved from the solution of the price of one euro plus VAT and have said they are not interested in the issues related to pecorino romano,” explained the president of the Finance Corporation of the Region of Sardinia (SFIRS), Paolo Sestu.

 According to calculations made by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, the price of milk is now linked to the value of the Roman pecorino. The goal of SFIRS’s proposal, explained Sestu, was therefore to “bring up the price of pecorino cheese and therefore milk.”

 “The Bank of Sardinia must support the supply chain, we do our job and the others do theirs,” said the Director of the Bank of Sardinia, Giuseppe Cuccurese. “Today we have made available more resources so that the price of milk can go up,” added the regional counselor for Agriculture, Pierluigi Caria.

 The president of the Council, Francesco Pigliaru, stressed that “it is not the Region that makes the price, it is the producers and the transformers who make a proposal and we can encourage dialogue.”

 It is now hoped that a decision will be made at the meeting announced by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, scheduled for Thursday at the Viminale.