Artinside Gallery launches New Paradigms exhibition

New Paradigms

ROME - From Feb. 14-28, 2019, five artists will expose their works in the first Italian art gallery in augmented reality, Artinside Gallery. The avant-garde exhibition, curated by the Art Director Maddalena Grazzini, is titled New Paradigms.

 The world is changing and technology plays an increasingly important role in this change, which also has repercussions in the contemporary art world. The tools, languages ​​and arts that characterise contemporary art are evolving, and it is through these changes that new paradigms and new opportunities are generated.

 From this awareness, and from the desire to present new forms of communication through the use of technology, in particular through augmented reality, Artebinaria presents its first exhibition, New Paradigms.

 “For those artists who want to expand their boundaries, and explore new realities, technology can be an ally and a friendly accomplice,” explained Grazzini. Valentine’s Day will mark the inauguration of New Paradigms, the first of a series of exhibitions that, on a monthly or fortnightly basis, will be hosted inside the first gallery without walls: Artinside Gallery.

 In its five virtual rooms, Artinside Gallery will host five solo exhibitions from the following artists: Pino Navedoro (Italy), Susi La Rosa (Italy), Giovanna Sparapani (Italy), Kirsi Syrlin (Finland), and Monse Pla (Spain).

 The preparation of five rooms with artworks of different origins and sensibilities allows the spectator to go on a journey through expressive heterogeneous codes.

 The app, Artinside Gallery, is available for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes store, using the following link:

 Artinside Gallery was conceived and realised by Artebinaria, a software house in Florence.