Mass demonstrations to demand truth about Regeni murder

Amnesty International Italy leads search for truth about Regeni's murder

ROME - Torchlight processions will be held in over 100 squares across Italy to demonstrate the country’s determination to uncover the truth about Giulio Regeni’s disappearance which happened this time three years ago in Cairo, Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

 At 7.41pm on Friday, the time of the last contact with the 28-year-old Friulian researcher on Jan. 25, 2016, Italy will return to make its voice heard and prove Regeni has not been forgotten in a series of torchlight processions organised by Amnesty International.

 In Rome a torchlight procession will take place in Piazza di Montecitorio, with the adhesion of the National Federation of the Italian press, the Order of Journalists, Article 21 and UsigRai. At 19.41 a minute of silence will be observed in memory of Giulio.

 Torches will also be lit in Fiumicello, in the Italian province of Udine, where Regeni was born. President of the Italian Chamber Roberto Fico will stand next to the family.

 Fico has described the delay of the case as unacceptable and recently send a letter to the presidents of the European Union Parliaments to urge them to “contribute to the search for truth and justice.”

 On Jan. 25, 2016, Giulio Regeni disappeared in Cairo. On Feb. 3, he was found dead, his body torn apart by obvious signs of torture, along the road that connects the capital with Alexandria. Three years later the truth surrounding Regeni’s murder remains unclear.

 Five Egyptian agents have been registered on the list of suspects by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office but the perpetrators of the murder have not yet been identified despite the Egyptian government’s promise to get to the bottom of the case.

 “For three years, hundreds of thousands of people together with local authorities, universities, schools and associations have been asking for the truth for Giulio Regeni,” said Antonio Marchesi, president of Amnesty International Italy.

 “We continue to ask for that truth from two governments: the Italian one that must claim it with more decisive actions and the Egyptian one that must provide it without further delay,” he added.