Ten Benedictine nuns to return to Norcia

Temporary container to house 10 Benedictine nuns

 NORCIA - A group of Benedictine nuns from this Umbrian town, among the displaced persons of the 2016 earthquake, have finally received a container of “seclusion” as a place of temporary residence.

 On Sunday afternoon the keys to the structure were handed over to the ten sisters who, after the earthquake, had been forced to leave Norcia and move to Trevi.

 The Mayor of Norcia Nicola Alemanno and her mother Abbess Caterina Corona cut the ribbon inaugurating the temporary housing block that will house the nuns until the monastery of Sant'Antonio has been renovated.

 The container has been placed in the courtyard of the monastery and here the nuns will, for the most part, be able to resume their work activities. In anticipation of their official return, the scheduled date of which is Feb. 10, the feast of Santa Scolastica, the lodging where the 10 sisters will live was visited.

 In the container, in addition to the rooms, there is also a canteen space and a chapel where the nuns will be able to pray. Many came to take part in the cutting of the ribbon, showing their affection for the sisters.

 “It is a very special and exciting day, to hand over the keys to this container to our nuns is something that goes further,” said Alemanno. “Their return gives us confidence and hope for the future,” the mayor concluded.