Women in Finance Awards returns for second year

(Corriere della Sera)

ROME - Women in Finance returns once again for its second edition, with the awards ceremony set to take place on March 7 at the Borsa Italiana headquarters in Milan, Corriere della Sera reports.

 Aside from the UK, Italy remains the only country in which this award is promoted, a sign of particular attention towards Italy and Italian women and of the great activism of the British Ambassador to Rome Jill Morris who sought the initiative.

 While Brexit separates the United Kingdom from the European Union, the importance of networking is increasing. As last year’s winner of the Women in Finance Financial Advisor Award Stefania Godoli says “the network goes beyond contingent issues,” and women are aiming to network more and more.

 Silvana Chilelli, responsible for alternative investments for Intesta SanPaolo Vita, previously applied for the award because of its two objectives of increasing gender balance awareness in the sector and improving the perception of women in finance. “Young people often have a negative idea, they fear that working in this sector prevents a family from having children. We have shown the opposite,” declared Chilelli.

 Godoli also has a similar motivation. “This award is the will to change gear, to participate could be an example within my organisation,” she said. “Many women decide not to approach finance because they are afraid they will not make it. It is a difficult sector, but not impossible,” Godoli added. Those who have managed to climb the ladder know what obstacles may be encountered and can help others to overcome them. In short, mentoring and networking are key objectives.

 This year six categories have been anticipated, four of which were present last year (CFO, Asset Manager, Banker, and Champion of Diversity employer of the year), to which Insurer and Woman in FinTech of the year have been added. The application deadline for candidates is Feb. 6. The award does not end with the Milanese ceremony, but each year transfers to London, where all prize winners, English and Italian meet.