Bomb explodes in front of Pizzeria Sorbillo

NAPLES - A bomb was detonated on Tuesday night in the heart of this southern city in front of Pizzeria Sorbillo, the most famous pizzeria in the city if not across the whole of Italy, police report.

 “Closed because of bomb,” wrote Gino Sorbillo, the owner of the restaurant, on Facebook but reassured: “We will reopen soon.” Five years ago the local restaurant in the historic centre of Naples had been set on fire and Tuesday night the powerful roar of a bomb triggered much fear but wounded none. Sorbillo bemoaned how events such as these “demoralise society,” but urged that “We must move forward.”

 “I apologise to all the people who have been shaken by this news.” “Healthy” Naples “is always in my heart,” wrote Sorbillo on Facebook. “I was in the police force and I chose to become a pizza maker because I love my city too much and I will love it forever,” he continued. Sorbillo also voiced that the attack was evidently a form of intimidation by the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia, which has protection rackets on many businesses in the Southern port city.

 Sorbillo has taken the opportunity to find a day to commemorate all pizza makers which will take place Thursday. “In all of the pizzerias of the city there will be festivities: hundreds of pizzerias will serve a special pizza to their customers and this will be for me the opportunity to remind all pizza makers of the city that we must always be united,” wrote Sorbillo.

 Thousands of messages of support have arrived on social networks from fans of the brand that has branches all across Italy and abroad. “A bomb against him is a bomb against us all. Against those who do not want to resign themselves and do not intend to lower their heads in front of these criminals,” a supporter of Sorbillo wrote on social media. “Do not give up,” insisted another.

 Wednesday morning Gino Sorbillo left the city, announcing his departure on Facebook. “Hello Naples. I love you very much but you also cause me much suffering. Goodbye,” wrote Sorbillo, accompanying the post with a picture of himself at the station.