Money from Trevi Fountain to be given to Caritas

ROME - After much confusion the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has confirmed that the money collected from the Trevi Fountain will continue to be given to the Diocesan Caritas of Rome, Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

 Raggi has backed down on the matter of what should be done with the over 1 million euros in coins deposited in the Trevi Fountain each year. Raggi had planned that that as of April 2019, instead of being given to Caritas, a Catholic charity that supports and assists the destitute, the money would be used for social welfare projects and the restoration of the city’s monuments.

 After considerable public uproar over this proposal, the Mayor has now said that the money will in fact continue to be given to Caritas. On Monday, Raggi told L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, that “Caritas, and all the thousands of people who are helped by its members can rest assured.” Not only will the coins from the Trevi Fountain be given to Caritas, but also a total of another 200,000 euros a year from “the coins deposited into all of the fountains of Rome”. The only money that will be separated will be around 20,000 euros to be paid to ACEA for their service of collecting and counting the coins.

 Raggi declared that “The diocesan body plays an important role for many in need and for the city of Rome, which wants to continue to be the capital of welcome for the weakest.” Including the collection of money from Rome’s other fountains and increasing the amount of money given to Caritas will help to achieve this goal.