Magliana shooting raises Rome safety questions

(Repubblica Roma)

ROME – The killing of a loanshark outside a school in the Eternal City’s Magliana zone has raised further questions about the security in the capital, Il Messaggero reports. 

  Rome's crime rate has dropped by 2.3 percent, according to statistics released by the city's municipal offices. However, the residents' feeling of safety seems to be dwindling, Il Messaggero reports. Investigations from the Antimafia Commission also indicate that there are still 75 clans operating within the capital despite recent breakthroughs in the fight against mafia-controlled areas. 

 Virginia Raggi herself has come under fire from Deputy Prime Ministers Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio over the state of the capital, particularly in light of the fact that "Rome is the city to which we are contributing the most financially," Salvini said. 

 Raggi went on the offensive over a supposed lack of policing in the Eternal City, Il Messaggero reports on Friday, saying, "Rome needs more police ... We can't wait any longer, the capital of Italy needs a congruent level of law enforcement." 

 Andrea Gioacchini, 34, was reportedly shot multiple times by a hitman on a motorbike having just dropped off his daughters at the ‘Mais e Girasole’ nursery on via Castiglion Fibocchi.

 Gioacchini has a significant criminal history, Il Messaggero reports. He has a record for arms and drug dealing, extortion, assault, among other crimes. Additionally, the victim was part of a Carabiniere investigation in 2015, in which Gioacchini and others were accused of kidnapping and torturing an individual in Rome’s EUR zone.

 “It’s not easy” to find the perpetrator, an investigator into the shooting said. “An individual like this will likely have so many enemies.”