Acclaimed Italian writer Andrea Pinketts dies aged 57

Photo credit: Il Messaggero. Andrea Pinketts has died aged 57.

ROME - Award-winning author and journalist Andrea Pinketts has died aged 57 after a long battle with a tumour. The author of thrillers ‘Assenza Dell’Assenzio’ and ‘Il senso della frase,’ Pinketts’ works were littered with moments of explosive chaos, fueled by alcohol and tobacco. "Pinketts wasn't just an author of thrillers, he was a thriller in himself," an old friend declared upon his death.

 His death at Milan’s Niguarda Hospital on Friday, “was probably different from how he would have wanted it,” Ansa reports. Described as “the Buscaglione of literature who loved being known for his ‘individuality,’” Ansa reports he would have “most likely preferred a more theatrical end.”

 In 1993, he founded the School of the Tough, a movement which brought together authors in Milan who enjoyed writing dark thrillers. Among his many accolades, Pinketts is a recipient of the Giorgio Scerbanenco prize, one of Italy’s most important literary awards, as well as of a Mystfest award.

 Despite being wheelchair-bound for some time prior to his death, Pinketts organised a so-called “urban literary flash-mob” last November. He was a colourful character, who according to an old friend, “only wrote in bars or on the pavement.”

 “Despite having finished his drink, he would still be able to effortlessly draft a novel. He is of course famous for playing around with words,” his friend continued.

 Pinketts was also a highly-regarded investigative journalist. He wrote articles for acclaimed publications such as Esquire, and investigated Italian assassin Luigi Chiatti.