Wirth and Hassler, a human and entrepreneurial adventure


ROME - The presentation of Roberto Wirth's book 'Silence was my first playmate' (Newton Compton Editori) written with the journalist Corrado Ruggeri was recently held in Rome at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Italy.

 The meeting was attended by Ms. Stefania Fadda,psychotherapist and scientific director of Center for Deaf and deafblindChildren Onlus (CABSS), an association founded by Roberto Wirth that is dedicated to supporting deaf and deaf-blind children, and their families, offering individualized early intervention programs: "the parents after the diagnosis of deafness or deafblindness are disoriented and they do not know what route to take. We, with Cabss, are the only Italian team specialized in early intervention for deaf and deafblind children. They are stimulated on all the senses and learn to develop their cognitive potential; our goal is full communication that has its foundations in the fact that children think."

 The presentation of the interesting book coincided with the celebration of 125 years since the establishment of the Hassler, and with 40 years of Wirth’s career in the historic hotel.

 In his book, Roberto Wirth recounts: "At the age of five, I had the desire to be a hotelier but my identity as a deep deaf - of which I am proud - could have seemed an obstacle. So I asked my father if he believed that I could become a hotelier like him. When I was twelve, he replied: in order to be an hotelier, you need to know how to speak different languages, communicate with the staff, communicate with the customers, and know how to write correspondence. I always felt out of place. But then I decided to take up the challenge. And with tenacity and passion I have embarked on a path of study abroad, in America. Today I'm here, I'm a hotelier thanks to my courage and determination. Never give up  it's my motto."

 Corrado Ruggeri adds: "Roberto grew up in silence and then discovered that the world was not made of silence but was made up of sounds, voices, noises, things. With great courage he challenged everything and everyone, he challenged this condition, and determinedly became the only deaf General Manager and owner of a luxury hotel in the world with deafness. A docufilm will be made on the book and life of Mr. Wirth."

 Roberto Enrico Wirth (Rome, 25 May 1950) is the owner and general manager of the Hotel Hassler, the iconic hotel located at the top of the Spanish Steps.

 Wirth represents the fifth generation of a famous Swiss hotelier dynasty that, for almost two centuries, left its mark in the hospitality industry, managing prestigious hotels in Italy, Switzerland and Egypt. Roberto Wirth, born profoundly deaf, has four degrees, speaks fluent Italian, English and expresses himself with sign language in Italian and American.

 He is the founder and president of CABSS, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of deaf and deafblind children and their families, who are given the copyright of the book.

The Hassler hotel and Rome

 The Hotel Hassler at the top of the Spanish Steps is the symbol of a tradition of excellence in hospitality. Roberto E. Wirth personally welcomes guests with the elegance and style that have marked the history of the Hotel.

 Always a natural meeting point for the Italian, foreign, political, economic and cultural elite, Hassler has had the privilege of welcoming hundreds of prominent international figures: the Kennedy family, Prince Ranieri of Monaco and Grace Kelly, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Picasso, Steve Jobs, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Bill Gates, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Hugh Grant and George Clooney are just some of the names that appear on the Hotel's golden book.

 With its 96 rooms and suites, individually decorated in an elegant combination of classic and modern, equipped with the most modern comforts and embellished with artistic masterpieces and antique furniture, the Hassler offers unique views of the domes, courtyards and roofs of the entire city.

 On the sixth floor stands the starred restaurant Imàgo duly conducted by the award-winning chef Francesco Apreda, able to enchant the palates proposing his excellent interpretation of Italian gastronomic excellence.

 Thanks to the superior quality of services and attentions offered to its guests, it is the structure of the most prestigious sector of the capital and the destination preferred by travelers who demand only the best.