Ambassadors' homage to Lebanon war reporter Talal Khrais

Talal Khrais with the Ambassadors to Armenia and Lebanon and FPC President Esma Çakır

 ROME – The ambassadors of Armenia and Lebanon to Italy joined respected Lebanese correspondent Talal Khrais and dozens of colleagues at a reception this week marking 30 years of distinguished reporting from his base at the Foreign Press Association in the Eternal City.

 In his three decades as a Rome-based scribe, Mr Khrais has become a point of reference for expertise on the constellation of complex relations between Italy and the Middle East.

 Risking his life repeatedly as a war correspondent in the Syrian and other conflicts, Talal has been a friend and mentor to scores of Italian correspondents.

 The Lebanese Ambassador paid tribute to Talal’s role in fostering Italy’s longstanding peace-keeping role in Lebanon.

 Colleagues from as far afield as Britain, Palestine and Egypt joined the diplomatic corps in raising a glass to the next 30 years of Talal’s prestigious and dedicated career.