Vatican bones ‘don’t belong to missing girls’

ROME – The human remains found in the Vatican’s Embassy to Italy ‘don’t belong’ to either Emanuela Orlandi or Mirella Gregori, the two girls who went missing in 1983, legal sources reported on Friday.

 The most recent analysis of the bones found during renovations at the Apostolic Nunciature on Via Po in Rome confirm that they date back to 1964, 19 years before the girls disappeared. The investigations also revealed that the remains belonged to a male.

 According to Rome’s prosecutor’s office, the DNA of the bones had deteriorated to such an extent that lab workers couldn’t use it for comparison, but it was possible to detect Y chromosomes, leading to the identification of a male. 

 The revelations leave the disappearance of both Orlandi and Gregori still unsolved. The girls were last seen a month apart in 1983 and official investigations into the case were reopened in 2018 following the discovery of the bones at Via Po 27.