Sant’Egidio Community marks World Poverty Day

ROME - The Sant’Egidio Community is hosting an event on Sunday, Nov. 18 to mark the second World Poverty Day. Homeless people, refugees, elderly people and children studying at ‘Scuole della Pace’ are all encouraged to attend.

 The idea was born by Pope Francis, and brought to fruition by Giubileo della Misericordia. They aim to bring poor people from the suburbs of Rome into its centre and “into the interests of all Romans.” They believe the event will help create a sense of justice, and make our world more humane.

 The Community will participate in a service in St Peter’s Basilica, followed by a lunch in the Paul VI Audience Hall. A group of refugees, homeless and disabled people, which has supported the Community throughout the year, will also participate.

 Events and lunches will take place all over Rome after 1 p.m., in the canteen on Via Dandolo as well as in several suburban districts.

 World Poverty Day will be commemorated in all countries where a Sant’Egidio community is present, in Europe as well as Africa, Asia and Latin America.

 The event marks an attempt on the part of the Sant’Egidio Community to “build bridges”. According to a representative of the Community, we live in a world where there are too many walls, and the need to break them down is as pressing as our need for “daily bread.”