Apulian Tourist Board launch Puglia Coffee Cup Campaign

BARI - Puglia’s official tourist board  launched a new marketing campaign in association with London based advertising agency CupTheMarket last week

 150,000 thirsty Londoners will sip their morning brew in Puglia-branded paper cups, distributed from 50 coffee shops across the capital’s zones one and two.

 The fully compostable cups will feature captivating designs recalling iconic Apulian landmarks. The Trulli, the countryside, the sea and cacti are all represented under the strap line ‘Puglia travel therapy, grab your cup of happiness’. In between city meetings or whilst enjoying their lunch in Hyde Park, potential visitors will be able to link directly to the Tourist board’s landing page (https://mailchi.mp/viaggiareinpuglia/traveltherapy)  through a unique QR code printed on the eco-friendly cups.

 A number of cafés will also distribute leaflets inviting customers to snap a selfie with their Puglia paper cups and post it on Instagram using the #weareinpuglia hashtag, with prizes on offer for the best shots.

 The CupTheMarket roll out constitutes part of a wider communications strategy which has seen the Apulian Tourism Board, known locally as the Pugliapromozione, exhibit at WTM (WORLD TRAVEL MARKET). Europe’s biggest Tourism Trade Fair annually facilitates the generation of over $7bn industry deals through six annual business to business events across four continents.

 Loredana Capone, Apulian Councillor for Tourism and Culture, enthused that the United Kingdom already has a penchant for Puglia, contributing the fourth largest number of tourists to the region every year.

 “This witty and innovative campaign enables Londoners to dream about our festive, and typically Mediterranean, region. Cutting down stress and regenerating our souls, Puglia is a natural cure to increase serotonin, stir curiosity and enhance our quality of life. Puglia continues to grow as a market and our regional strategy includes investing in direct flights to the region.”

 Francois de Vinols, Founder and CEO of CupTheMarket, explained why he is so excited by this collaboration and why coffee cups are such an effective method for promoting the Italian region.

 "We are stoked to have teamed up with the breathtaking region of Puglia to launch such a unique campaign. As direct flights to Puglia's main hubs are available from London, it's easy for Londoners to take action and book a visit to this superb region by scanning the QR code on their cup.

 “CupTheMarket gives clients the opportunity to reach their target audience at a precise moment when they are relaxed, alert, and receptive to their message. Coffee consumption reaches new highs every year and corresponds to important moments of the day. The mission of CupTheMarket is to capitalise on these moments when the coffee drinker is in a positive state of mind.”

 The campaign launched on Nov. 7 and will continue until early December with another already in the pipeline for March.