Strikes at Reuters Italia as journalists are dismissed

ROME - Reuters Italia journalists are striking on Monday and Tuesday in protest against the dismissal of 16 of their journalists. They have called the number of people fired “disproportionate and excessive.” The 16 reporters fired covered a third of Reuters Italia's articles.

 Reuters News & Media Italia are reportedly reorganising the publication in an attempt to improve its efficiency. They have allegedly invested two billion dollars in possible acquisitions and are executing a buyback programme. They intend to receive revenue of 325 million dollars in 30 years’ time, given an agreement made with Blackstone who sold their Financial & Risk branch.

 The journalists going on strike have expressed much concern about the recent dismissal of their colleagues. They have scheduled five days of strike action, the first two days of which are Monday and Tuesday.

 They are asking for the dismissals to be revoked, and for officials at Reuters to consider ways of supporting those who have been made redundant.

 Both Italian and English articles will therefore not be produced by the Italian Reuters News Agency on Monday or Tuesday.