House prices drastically cut in bid to revive Calabrian town

TARSIA – The Mayor of Tarsia, a small town in the region of Calabria, has expressed his desire to sell property to young couples for as little as just one euro, in order to bring life back to his town, Il Messagero reports.  

 “We need to do everything possible,” Roberto Ameruso said, “to revitalise Tarsia. That starts with filling the numerous properties that have been left uninhabited by their owners. “At the moment, we’ve counted around twenty abandoned buildings,” Ameruso continued, “and most of them are owned by people who aren’t interested in holding on to them.” Regulations have been put in place to buy these properties, before selling them to young couples for one euro.

 “Everything possible” does not just mean bringing young people to the area, the Mayor has made clear, Il Messagero reports. “We are thinking…of launching entrepreneurial start-ups and creating sustainable tourism by developing our cultural heritage,” Ameruso said, confident that his ideas, which will be discussed at a Council meeting on Nov. 8, will be a success.

 Tarsia can take inspiration from another Calabrian town which achieved great success with a similar venture some 30 years ago. Badolato earned the nickname ‘a village for sale’ after its mayor bought up abandoned property and sold it on at a highly reduced price. The move brought new life to the village, as many of those houses were acquired and renovated by foreign investors, a handful of whom were involved in the art and entertainment businesses.