Amnesty joins Salvini in condemnation of migrant ‘drop-off’

ROME – On Wednesday a statement released by the NGO Amnesty International accused French authorities of “systematic violations” of the rights of refugees and migrants.

 The accusation comes following the incident in the French-Italian border town of Claviere last week, where French gendarmes were seen unloading two migrants from a van in the woods that line the border, before driving back into France. Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused to accept the apology given by the French authorities over an incident that has heightened tensions between Rome and Paris.

 On Oct. 12 and 13, Amnesty carried out an observation mission at Briancon in the French Alps, near the location of the migrant ‘drop-off’ by French gendarmes last week. The results of the mission were damning for the French border authorities, as the NGO said it had found a “long list” of violations and that “the French government must stop turning a blind eye.”

 The violations were said to have included the pushback of “26 people at a police check at the border at Montegenevre towards Claviere, the first village on the Italian side, without individual examinations of their situations, nor the possibility to request asylum,” according to the report released by Amnesty.