Murdered journalist remembered in demonstration

VALLETTA– A year on from her murder, the life of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia has been remembered in a series of events on the island of Malta.

 Galicia built up a national and international reputation for her continued work to shed light on corruption and misconduct carried out by Maltese politicians and public figures. In particular, she drew attention to links between the online gambling industry and organised crime in Malta.

 On Oct. 16, 2017, the journalist was killed in a car bomb attack close to her home, an incident which attracted a significant amount of attention, both in Malta and internationally. Despite three individuals being charged with the assassination, the investigation into Galicia has been widely criticised, as it did not attempt to unearth the person who ordered the murder.

 As a means of displaying their deep dissatisfaction at the findings of the investigation, protestors and representatives of NGOs took part in a silent protest in the capital on Tuesday, the anniversary of Galicia’s death. The protestors brought flowers, lit candles and held placards displaying the number 365, a reminder of the number of days passed without information about who sanctioned the murder.

 Deputy Secretary General of the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI), Anna Del Freo, has been present in Malta for the demonstrations. “The international presence of activists and journalists is important for remembering Daphne and for seeking the truth, given refusal from the Maltese government to open another major investigation,” Del Freo commented.

 “It is vital,” she continued, “that journalists from all over Europe will be involved in a demonstration on World Press Freedom Day, May 3. They will be united in their demand for truth and justice for those, like Daphne, who have not yet got it, and will stand together in opposition to the almost daily attacks against the freedom of expression.”