Pope ready to sack advisors, as Vatican promises "clarifications"

VATICAN – Pope Francis to change at least three cardinals out of the nine that make up the “crown” council (C9), official sources said on Monday.

 Three cardinals of the council are accused of covering up members of the clergy involved in abuses. The Honduran national, Maradiaga, the Chilean, Errazuriz, and Australian George Pell, currently in Australia awaiting trial for a prior abuse issue, will be forced to step down from the C9.

 Following a meeting in Saint Martha on Monday morning the Vatican released a statement where the C9 addresses the pontiff to “reflect on the work, the structure and the components of the council, keeping in mind the old age of some members.” This action by the Vatican is the first step towards “necessary clarifications” following the accusations in an 11-page document published Aug. 26 by the retired ambassador to the US, Archbishop Carlo Vigano’.

 The C9 cardinals have expressed solidarity to cardinal Kevin J. Farrell and to the leader of the Roman Catholic Church following Vigano’s accusations of an alleged pope involvement in the cover up for abuse scandals.

 In a joint statement the C9 cardinals said, “The Holy See is formulating and will issue the necessary clarifications.”

 Following full solidarity by council of cardinals, the pope is ready to finally address claims he covered up sexual misconduct, according to Vatican sources. The sacking of three cardinals of the council is seen as a first step towards necessary clarifications on the Vigano’ dossier. Official statements on the scandals are likely to take place prior to the papal visit to the Baltic States scheduled for the end of September.