Young asylum seeker assaulted in Sicily

ROME - A migrant, 16, residing in an asylum seeker community for unaccompanied minors in Raffadali in Sicily, has been the latest victim of a racial attack, police said on Monday.

The attackers yelled “Go back to your country” while beating him with their fists and feet. The youngster was promptly hospitalised at the S. Giovanni di Dio in Agrigento on Sunday afternoon.

 The doctors diagnosed bruising to the boy’s testicle and a wound around the knee areas. On Monday the report will be formalised by the carabinieri, who are aware of the occurrence. According to Giovanni Mossuto, one of the administrators for the unaccompanied minors community where the teenager is lodging, “Raffadali is a town that has welcomed migrants with love and immense will of integration. Over the past months, the adolescent migrant has made valuable acquaintances with locals.”

 Moreover, Mr Mossuto stated “Despite his willingness to integrate with the local community, him and other guests have been the victims of numerous attacks involving insults and threats. People feel legitimised to carry out the attacks due to tough situation migrants find themselves in.”

 The mayor of Raffadali, Silvio Cuffaro, has expressed solidarity with the young migrant. Condemnation and solidarity has also been expressed by the local democratic party (PD) officials.