Daisy Osakue reaches discus final

ROME - Daisy Osakue, the record holder for under 23 discus throwing, has qualified for the final of the sport in the European Athletic Championships in Berlin, officials said on Thursday.

 The 22-year old athlete from Turin, with Nigerian parents, got through to the final with a throw of 58.73 metres, after an initial void attempt. The final will be on Saturday.

 Finally experiencing happiness after several difficult days, the disc-thrower was injured in her eye ten days ago after being hit by an egg launched from a moving car in Moncalieri.

 “It’s the icing on the cake that will help me to forget what has happened,” Daisy commented after qualifying. “It’s amazing. I felt great; for me the final was a dream. My European championship has started in a great way and I can’t wait to enjoy myself.”